Different types of football boots

Different types of football boots

A number of different types of football boots and depending on surface you are playing on. Having the right sole  can affect performance and comfort as well as preventing injury.


 Firm ground boots consist of plastic studs and are made for firm natural surfaces such as grass. They tend to give you maximum grip and comfort on natural surfaces from dry to slightly wet conditions.

The studs come in various shapes and sizes such as hexagonal and conical ones. There are even blades and triangle shapes. These boots have shorter molded studs which cannot be removed. However most players prefer conical ones but again it comes down to personal preference. Not to be used on artificial grass.




Soft ground are suitable when it’s a rainy day. The studs are aluminum based and are good on wet and soggy surfaces. Traditionally the 6 configuration studs used to have two studs at the rear and four at the front. These studs are longer thus so are better at penetrating through the ground.
The modern SG boots consist of traditional studs as well as interchangeable studs which creates  maximum grip and traction.  This method also improves comfort as the amount of pressure from each stud is minimised. 





 There are more studs on these boots compared to standard firm ground boots. The sole is more firmer due to large number of studs. Durability is a positivity with these particular boots.



These are used for sand and water based pitches. They have rubber soles and are very flat with grooves cut throughout to help manoeuvrability and comfort.




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