Grip Socks

Grip Socks

What are Grip Socks?

Grip socks as in the name suggests increases the grip inside the boot when playing sports such football and rugby. 

What are Grip Socks made from?

Grip socks are made of light weight breathable material with small rubber grips that provide you with extra control with the ground. The materials maintain a lot of heat during games to encourage blood flow and circulation, whilst at the same time being breathable and reduce perspiration. 

The general material used for grip socks are PVC, silicon and flocking fabrics. PVC is the most commonly used material due to its cost, heat resistance, soft and anti-skid properties. 
The top of the socks are usually made out of spandex due to it being stretchy and breathable. This allows the sock to fit tight on the foot providing support and comfort whilst allowing the feet to move and flex naturally. 

Benefits of Grip Socks.

The benefits of Grip Socks are the following:

1) Maintains temperature of your feet.

2) Foot and ankle support.

3) Better grip of ball.

4) Improve circulation of blood to the feet.

5) Reduce discomfort when wearing new boots

6) Better grip on the ground.

7) Preventing injury during games and training.

8) Better grip on the ball. 

What Happens If You Do Not Wear Grip Socks?

You will not fulfill your potential of becoming the next Ronaldo or Messi but you will the difference.

 How often do I need to wash my Grip Socks.

Grip socks can be washed as often as required using soapy water or in normal washing machine but do not tumble dry to increase life span of the rubber pads on the bottom. 

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