Why use Zock?

Why use Zock?

 It has been developed over a period of three years so the question is why use Zock?

1) It’s thin- The material is extremely thin so it does not feel like a pad and it does not affect kicking ability. This has been tested and confirmed by University of Central Lancashire. 

2) Fits to any size- The Zock can be cut to fit any size of feet by cutting around the product and slotting underneath the sock.


3) It can be used in all contact sports- It is suitable to be used in football, hockey and rugby.

4) Reusable- It can be used over and over again so it can be a vital part of your kit bag and it is machine washable.

5) Tested at University of Central Lancashire- The Zock has been meticulously tested at UCLAN for over a year and does reduce the chance of metatarsal injuries by upto 40%.

6) Shock absorber- The Zock acts as a shock absorber thus preventing injury and thus not impacting the players ability to kick.


7) Sold as a pair-  You get two Zocks which are interchangeable. 


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