Zock - The product story

The Zock was an idea first developed started whilst watching a game of football when one of the players injured his metatarsals and could not play until the foreseeable future. Being in the medical field, we started to think about the possibility of making a product that would reduce the tendency to injury but not reduce the ability to kick the ball.
We looked at various ideas such as making a football boot using different material that would absorb shock similar to shock absorbers in cars. There were various materials that could be answered but making at football boot out of shock absorbing material was not feasible due to factors such weather conditions, cost etc.

Speaking to North Product Design a very specialist team, together we decided to make a removable metatarsal injury protector. The initial design and sourcing the correct material took a few months but we finally came up with a concept where we could produce a high class product and in October 2016 the first Zock was born.

Following the initial product formation we then had to test it to ensure it did what we expected it to it and with the help of University of Central Lancashire we able to conduct various tests including drop test over a couple of months indicating that the product does indeed reduce metatarsal injury.

Furthermore in summer 2017 tests were conducted to determine if the kicking ability of players would be affected using the Zock. The results from this particular study showed that the kicking ability was not unnatural so the player could feel confident about kicking. In addition samples were given out to sports physiotherapists and people involved in sports such as football coaches and rugby coaches were most of outcome was positive.

Minor details were changed and in December 2017 the final Zock was born, an effective support during both rehabilitation and exercise, aiding the prevention and treatment of metatarsal impact related injuries.

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