Zock went to Spain

The Zock went to Spain to promote itself to a wider audience. Despite social media and the internet allowing communication to occur much easier and quicker good old fashion meet and greet can help build long term relationships.
We went to Barcelona where we introduced ourselves to a sports physiotherapists which were Rexsports, Fisiocam physio, Podactiva and DYN podiatrist. We gave out free samples of the Zocks and explained to the companies what the Zock is all about and the different teams that have used them including Getafe and Atletico Madrid.
This exercise was about building connections and building long term relationships. 
In addition we spoke to our long term friend at Getafe FC Francisco Ruiz on how we can work together on long term projects. A true gentleman and a honour working with him. 
This was a short but great trip making new friends and building long term relationships with new people.

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