Metatarsal Injury Protector

When using the Zock you won't need to worry about going in for that hard tackle, the shock-absorbing properties of the material reduces the accumulative impact sustained by your foot. Place the Zock on your foot, cover with your sock, put on your boot, and you are good to go!


Key features include:

  • Unique Material Technology
    Made from an impact resistant material with the surface texture enhancing further the shock absorbing properties of the material

  • Approved and Tested
    The Zock has been scientifically tested to reduce accumulative impact to the foot

  • Reversible
    Both side A and B can be used to target specific problem areas of either the left or right foot

  • Flexibility
    The flexibility of the material also allows it to conform to the foot, not only to guarantee the best fit but making it comfortable to wear

  • One size fits all
    Can be easily resized, simply cut to size using the integrated guidelines on the edge of the Zock for the perfect fit

  • Reusable
    Easily wiped clean for unlimited use

  • 1 pair per pack

1 product

1 product