Zock x Grip Socks


Get a GRIP on your performance with our top-performing white grip socks, tested and trusted by pro athletes! Great for sports like Rugby, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Cycling and so much more!



Zock’s Grip Socks helps you change direction quicker, maximizing the power transfer from socks to footwear.

Key features include:

Breathable – Instep mesh design, super breathable. Sweat evaporates through the mesh, keeping the feet dry

Comfort – Highly elastic material for optimum comfort during exercise

Y Heel – Y design at the heel to avoid sliding of the heel during exercise

Antiskid – It has a ring-shaped elastic rubber band and has an anti-slip function.

Non-Slipping Blocks – There are a lot of non-slip blocks on the feet to increase friction and help with power transfer.


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